american pie book of love trailer

check it out here

All i can say is that it is sweet.
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Davids comment on the movie

"Had a great time last night seeing the movie for the first time. Most of the actors were there, so I finally met Bug, Kevin, and Brandon in person, as well as the new Stifler, Beth (playing Heidi) and Jennifer (playing Ashley). Oh, and Louisa, playing Imogen.

The director introduced the film to the audience and the producer Mike Elliott and I went up on stage with Putch to say a few words.

The film was very funny. The audience was laughing very hard, especially during the whorehouse scene which I think will rank among the funniest in the entire franchise. But the movie also had heart and people were surprised at how heartfelt the romantic scenes were. The actors did a great job conveying the emotion and I think that's what's going to make this one really stand out.

Bottom line, die hard fans are going to love the comedy. It's one of the funniest pie movies of all and Eugene Levy himself said this is the best one since #1. But the naysayers will be very surprised at how much character and story and emotion went into this film. It's actually a very dramatic movie at times and that is going have people not just laughing with the movie, but loving it."
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One sheet?

I came across this one sheet while surfing through the pages on Facebook. I don't know if it is the true one sheet but it looks good eather way.

You can check out the pic here.

They also have some other good pictures i can't seem to find on the web.
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release date change

It is now going to be released on Dec 22.
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Pie Screening

It is called presents after all the marketing department changed it. David also mentions that The moose makes sense if you've seen the movie.

This info was taken from David the writers blog on myspace.

I wish i could go but unfortunately it is invite only.
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American Pie Has A Release date

David (the Writer of AP:BOL) Posted this on his myspace blog.

"Coming out in December on DVD. December 8, I believe, because for some reason DVD's always come out on Tuesdays. That's a little tip for you if you want to be the first to rent some movie at Blockbuster. Show up Tuesday morning."

I can't wait to see the movie. When the movie is released i plan on writing a review on it and posting it here. Only 3 months left.
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Not Much Going On

There has not been alot of news or rumors going around in a while but more should start comming out once we get closer to the movie. So stay keep checking back.
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New david myspace post

There has been much debate over the last few months whether Universal will break with the "American Pie Presents" formula on this movie since I named my script simply, "American Pie: Book of Love" (with a colon instead of "presents"). The notice of tentative writing credits was issued today and they seem to be calling it "American Pie: Book of Love" which is a major victory for me. It's actually not a major victory at all-- more of a micro victory, but we writers care deeply about such things.

For the record, I got sole credit on the movie which is not surprising since there were no other writers.
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Behind the sceens youtube videos

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